Connect with Your Heart

Something extreme, something magical and mystical happens when you connect with your heart – it’s like life becomes easier, everything guided meditationis in flow and you see things in a different light. I’m sure you want flow today, right now. Yes? Check out this specialised guided journey that will take you deep into your heart. If you’re ready to be more compassionate with others and express more love, this meditation is ideal for you.

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How Do You Get More Email Subscribers?

Developing your enewsletter subscriber databaseenews database

One of the best ways to ensure people sign up to your enews list is to make signing up as easy as possible. People shouldn’t have to search for where your sign up form is. It should be prominently placed on your website, Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Here are some other handy tricks to increase your enews subscribers:

  1. Offer something for free (such as a prize, a special reading, a discount etc)
  2. Give them something
  3. Put a link to sign up in your Twitter biography
  4. If you work from physical premises, have a sign-up sheet at your front desk or reception area.
  5. Hold a stall at your local markets or promotional fair. Have a sign-up sheet at your stall or a flyer that people can take away with them to sign up later.
  6. Include a link in your email signature, ‘be sure to sign up to my enews…’
  7. Offer to give short community talks or lead workshops for free and then explain that people can sign up to your enews should they want to learn more about you and what you offer.

WANT MORE? There are another ELEVEN tips in my book. Not only that, there is a section on what to include in your enewsletter, examples of what you can include as a subscriber giveaway/incentive, activities to develop your subscriber database, how to create the best subject line and tips on how to create a stellar enews. And that’s only one chapter out of the book! Purchase your copy of my book, Promote Your Spiritual Business, today for pages and pages of invaluable hints and tips on how to promote your business easily and cost effectively.

Write a Homepage that Draws in Customers

Writing a Homepage website home page

This is your website “foyer”. It welcomes people and guides them to their next step in making contact with you, booking your service or making a purchase. Waste no time in stating exactly what you do, services/products you offer, what your website is about and what you can do for readers of your site.

The layout and content of this page is vital as most people will “land” on it. It needs to be easy to read, navigate, understand and have a clear “takeaway” message. For example, George is a massage therapist and school teacher based in Perth.

Keep your homepage very short but still cover the essentials. Ask yourself this question: if someone only had time to view your homepage, will they know enough about your business?

Use a personal tone and tell people a story. Inform your readers straight away why you will help solve their problem. Don’t be coy—be explicit. What sounds more effective to you?

Example A

This book will boost your sales and will make you known for doing what you love. It’s an insightful guide on marketing for spiritually based businesses that is an easy and enjoyable read that will help you get your business or service noticed, quickly and inexpensively.

Example B

People have been saying for a while now that I should write an ebook and since I’m a writer I thought I should do that so here is a book on marketing. It started when I wrote about blogging but then I turned it into something more and now you get to read it.

Tip: keep your website consistent with your branding, style and voice. That means you should use similar language to that which you use on your hard copy marketing collateral and your social media platforms.

Want to learn more? Including how to start a website and write your own blog? You can buy my book here.

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How Your Base Chakra Can Help Your Business

Did you know that you can use your chakras to help your business? business promotion

Let’s focus on the base chakra and ensure the energy (or prana, as it is referred to in yoga) has the opportunity to flow free around and from this area. Having free flowing energy in this arena can manifest itself in miraculous ways.

The base chakra is located at the base of your spine – you may even associate it to govern all of your legs, feet, pelvis and touch the earth and beyond. The base chakra is represented by the colour red but I often see this chakra as a rusty maroon colour; sometimes brown. It is associated with all our basal instincts and primitive aspects, including food, shelter, material goods, and of course abundance and business.

Here’s an activity to help boost your base chakra’s power and enhance your business!

Start the day by showering or bathing, using Epsom salts or another preferred cleansing and purifying method. Then dress completely (or from the waist down) in red, brown or black – whichever feels more in alignment with how you see the base chakra.

Sit cross legged on the floor, preferably outside on the ground. Identify an area of your business that presents a challenge to you at the moment. Perhaps you feel directed to call upon more strength to overcome a challenge, maybe you would like to allow your Goddess energy to flow more and be in your power or maybe you would like to open your heart to receiving more? Now put that aside as you focus on your breathing.

Relax your whole body, becoming consciously aware of the parts of the body touching the ground. Feel the base of your spine connect into the ground, feel it push through the earth all the way to the centre of the earth. You may even like to feel it’s energy hook onto something in the centre of the earth – a huge earth crystal works well. Allow yourself time to feel the flow of the energy pulsate from the base of your spine down to the centre of the earth. You will soon begin to feel the earth’s energy flow back up into that area. Notice the sensations you experience, perhaps a tingling in the legs, or a loosening of the pelvis, maybe a heaviness at the tailbone. To take full advantage of this energy, I recommend taking deep inhalations through your nose and visualising the breath filling up the entire base of the spine, pelvic and stomach region. Undertake at least thirty deep breaths this way, each breath becoming deeper on the inhalation and longer on the exhalation.

When you have finished these breaths, be sure to ground yourself by pushing your feet into the ground and really feeling the earth. Write down anything of significance to you, in your journal, that has arised as solutions to the initial challenges that you identified and that occurs during the day. Your base chakra is now activated and flowing freely.

If yoga appeals to you, here are some asanas that will help to stimulate your base chakra. (Remember to seek your doctor/health practitioner’s advice before beginning any yoga. And if you’re new to yoga, why not try a class or several?)

  • goddess pose
  • chair pose
  • warrior 2


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