Promote Your Spiritual Business

Have you started the business of your dreams and are you following your passion but aren’t spiritual marketinggetting the customers, clients and sales that you would like? This easy, how-to guide will show you exactly how to promote your business or services using simple marketing techniques coupled with practical activities and spiritual practises to ensure your business is a thriving success.


Whether you work in the spiritual, health, wellbeing or creative industries or just want to add an extra boost of marketing magic to your business, Promote Your Spiritual Business is the ideal book for you.


This book includes practical information such as how to start a blog, up to date information on most social media platforms and how you can use them, fun ways to create a marketing plan and mission statement, tips on creating a powerful website, insights on how to get more followers, likes, readers and engagement and so much more, all resulting in more customers and sales! Did you know that you can do all this using numerology, intuition, ancient philosophies and magic?

Written by successful marketing guru and freelance writer, Vanessa Jones, this book will help you achieve the success and abundance that you are searching for so you can live your passion and fulfil your dreams!

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